"Rebecca Lacey as Vanya’s adopted sister Sonia who’s spotlight star shines the brightest; a pleasure to accompany on her transformative journey from downtrodden underdog to ‘Maggie Smith’, Lacey packs a commendable theatrical punch as every character’s foil but ultimately nobody’s fool."
VANYA AND SONIA AND MASHA AND SPIKE, The Ustinov, Bath Theatre Royal
Bath Chronicle

"Lacey's Sonia is also very good and as well as provoking humour, she brings out our compassion for the character, specifically in a scene where, to her pure surprise, someone asks her out on a date."
VANYA AND SONIA AND MASHA AND SPIKE, The Ustinov, Bath Theatre Royal
What's On Stage

"Rebecca Lacey shows the self-pitying Sonia’s transformation by adopting, for the party, the voice and manner of Maggie Smith in California Suite; Lacey makes something genuinely touching of the second-act scene in which she takes a phone call from an unexpected admirer."
VANYA AND SONIA AND MASHA AND SPIKE, The Ustinov, Bath Theatre Royal
Michael Billington, The Guardian

"The ever enjoyable Rebecca Lacey as the sharp and cunning Mistress Page, an actor who truly fills the stage with absolute maturity in her delivery and the beautiful sparkle of anarchy in her heart.”

"Rebecca Lacey is wonderful as Sheila, the worm who turns hunched and scuttling, anxious or explosive, she sinks so deep into character that when she grinned cheerfully in the curtain-call I only recognised her by the awful skirt."
BENEFACTORS, Crucible Studio, Sheffield
Libby Purves, The Times

"Rebecca Lacey plays a stormer as the fruity old match-maker overheating like an Austin 7... Miss Lacey milks every jink and jolt in Mrs Bennet's campaign, the dear mother's morale valiant but brittle. Great stuff"
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre
Quentin Letts, The Daily Mail

"As the feisty Dr George in Casualty, Rebecca Lacey was the woman 16 million people spent Saturday night with... Her personal struggles and the high drama of life in the trauma lane are part of the potent cocktail that has made the BBC flagship drama so popular with it's 16 million viewers over the past 13 years. After 50 episodes of hospital crises in two plot-packed years, Rebecca Lacey hs taken the plunge and checked out of dealing with accidents and emergencies for good."
Sunday Express Magazine

"The luscious Rebecca Lacey, as Nurse Fay, shimmies across the stage, a thoroughly convincing mixture of cherry pie sweetness and knife-in-the-belly duplicity."
LOOT, West Yorkshire Playhouse
Neil Jones, WeekLong Magazine

"In a strong performance, Rebecca Lacey brings out the humour and grittiness of a protective mother whose everyday concerns for her ambitious daughter... belie a steely determination."
MERIT, Plymouth Theatre Royal
Mark Ludmon,